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We started the "Sex, Lies and Parenthood" podcast after I left my radio job for the opportunity to take my daughter Sophia to L.A. to pursue her acting and comedy dreams during the height of the pandemic at the end of 2020 into 2021. Sophia was 8 going on 9 at the time and neither of us had any idea how much work it would be to pursue a career in acting. My husband and then 10 year old son stayed back home in Michigan while Sophia and I lived in an RV in a family member's driveway. He and I communicated via FaceTime and our conversations were amazing, we felt like we could expand our private conversations into public podcast episodes and so we began the "Sex, Lies and Parenthood" podcast on a whim, using basic equipment, recording in our bedrooms, no bells and whistles, just straight to the point conversations that expanded into listener questions.

For a little over 3 months living in L.A. with our daughter, I scanned casting websites constantly for anything that would get her an audition. We were filming multiple self tapes and script reads daily, she was enrolled in a private acting class as well as improv classes, I even hired a consultant to help us navigate it all. We gave it 3 months to get her an agent which would propel her career and get her into better casting calls and, ultimately, a job. We were approached by 3 agents, all of which said what were about to embark on was not a hobby, it was not fun, it was a job that would take 24/7 dedication from both of us.

At this point all we had gotten was a commercial shoot for Outdoorsy that was based on our family testimonial as we used their service. It was great for Sophia to finally be on a set shooting something but we were both burnt out. It's exhausting taping and editing and posting consistently and hearing a peep back. Half of the time I didn't even know if I submitted correctly or if a human ever saw anything we sent in for her as feedback is scarce unless they are interested in hiring you.

Sophia wasn't interested in making this her job, even more, she desperately missed her daddy and friends and wanted to go home. In my heart I was happy we tried, I was even happier I could stop focusing on HER dreams so I could now focus on mine. I feel a bit of parent guilt for saying that but being a momager was EXHAUSTING. I had been in TV and radio, always behind the scenes prepping everyone else, constantly managing others' expectations. I am a type A employee that always goes above and beyond for whomever I have worked for and for once I wanted to see what it would be like to put that effort behind my own brand. My husband and I were already managing our construction company, DMANS Construction, and I wanted to create something around my entertainment experience, thus S&G Media was born. S&G is a boutique media company with only a handful of clients that I personally create graphics, videos, websites, and more for. But our main passion is growing a community based around our "Sex, Lies and Parenthood"podcast.

Season 2 is coming and we are now more experienced, have learned from our mistakes (but can't promise there won't be more) AND we even have a theme song finally (and merch, don't forget we have merch).

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