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My husband Mark Schuck and I (Rachel Giordano) have been together for over 14 years. We met because of a radio bit, we were booty calls that turned into something so much more. Mark, aka Capricorn, has 3 older boys by 3 different baby mamas (yes that makes me baby mama #4) Devin, Mason, and Ashton. He and I have TWO kids together, 11-year-old Nico and 10-year-old Sophia who grew up with their lives being fodder for radio content, now it's for podcast and social content (with their consent). We are also blessed to be grandparents, something we never thought would happen so soon but we wouldn't change a thing.

I was in TV and radio for over 20 years but I wanted more than a behind-the-scenes producer job. I dreamed of being able to be myself, share my ideas, and create a brand that I could be proud of so my husband Capricorn and I created "Sex, Lies and Parenthood." The monicker "Capricorn" was created as his radio on-air persona and it has just stuck with him. He does have fans all over the world (no joke). 

We are growing the podcast into a community of like-minded people who can laugh at their own imperfections as we do and see the light even in the chaos. We aim to help listeners normalize the messiness in their lives so they don’t feel so alone. We want you to walk away with tools to deal with the relationships in your lives, whether it be with your spouse/partner, kids, family or friends. We care about what we do because we know what it feels like to get sucked into the fake aesthetic of social media where you always feel like you don’t measure up. We celebrate life’s imperfections because we are all perfect just as we are.

Aside from the podcast we own 2 businesses together. The first is DMANS Construction (DMANS are the first initials of each of our children in order of birth). DMANS is focused in high-end custom builds in your home whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, basement, custom furniture, tile art, or woodworking, Mark is a master carpenter and artist with 20+ years of experience who can expertly transform any space.  He also has experience in the film industry as a Set Designer and a Lighting Director. Second is S&G Media, a small boutique media company that focuses on entrepreneurs that want to expand their brand utilizing podcasting, social media, website, membership platforms and/or monetization. If you have any questions about either of these 2 businesses and how we can serve your needs, contact us via the "contact us" page and we would be happy to book a 1:1 Consultation.

I began my entertainment career 20+ years ago as an Intern working for "The View" on ABC when I was still in college at Fordham University in Manhattan. I got my first big-girl job working as a Production Assistant for The Barbara Walters Specials. I then moved over to "The View" as the Photo PA, then to the Research Department then eventually I was producing segments. I left after 6 years to pursue a film career with Walt Disney Feature Animation Studio in Orlando, Florida. It was a short-lived dream as Disney ended up shutting down the movie I was working on and the Feature Animation Florida studios after I was there for just 30 glorious days. Instead of moving to LA to further pursue film, I stayed in Florida and got a job as a Producer for the Home Shopping Network. I learned about sales, marketing, and influencing during the 2 years I spent there and still use some of the strategies I learned there. I left to pursue a career in radio, I got a job as the Producer for the Steve & Vikki Morning Show, a heritage radio show based in Atlanta. I was there for 2 years when I was asked to check out a show based in Detroit, the Mojo In The Morning Show. I love a good challenge so I accepted the job as the Executive Producer; I helped grow the show, manage the team, plan incredible events and listener experiences as well as head the charity program "Breaking and Entering Christmas" during my 14 years there before I left for the opportunity to create my own brand with my husband.

The best part about moving to Detroit was meeting my husband who called in to the morning show to ask me on a date. The date turned into a radio bit which turned into marriage and children. I have 3 older step sons, Devin, Mason and Ashton, plus my bio babies Nico who is 11 and Sophia who is 10 with Mark. 

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